Network Send Mail Issue

I am unable to send mail from my Thunderbird mail or any other mail client over a wireless network. I have full access to the w/l network I am using ( home network at my daughters) but when I try to send an e-mail I get the following error:

"An error occurred sending mail: The mail server sent an incorrect greeting: edtncm03 bizsmtp ESMTP server not available, your ip is balcklisted by spamhaus. Go to"

When I click on OK for this error I get another one:

"Sending of message failed.
The message could not be sent because the connection to SMTP server was lost in the middle of the transaction. Try again or contact your network administrator."

Receiving of e-mail's works fine as well as all other internet functions. I am using a IMAP server for incoming mail and a smtp server for outgoing mails.

I have double, triple checked all incoming and outgoing settings and security/authentication settings and they are correct.

This one's got me stumped, my only guess is that is may be something to do with the home wireless setup.

any suggstions on what to look for would be appreciated.

Using TB 3.1.9 on a Windows 7 64bit OS.


"your ip is blacklisted by spamhaus" that's a pretty big hint to what the problem is Or, 

Is your daughter using a different ISP then your account SMPT settings? If so, you need to change your SMPT setting to match hers.


Thanks Steve, I think the problem is with the ISP although I don't know why they would be blacklisted as Telus is the major ISP for BC and Alberta in Canada. I tied sending an e-mail from the Telus webmail site and get the same error. I use an IMAP server which syncs my email folders and when I compose and save a draft it goes out to the server drafts folder but when I go to send the note I get the blacklisted errror. Seems like the problem exists after the emails leave the Telus server.

All other internet functions/browsing etc. work fine.

One further note, when I use my Mobile Internet Stick the e-mail works fine, which indicates to me that the ISP is not blacklisted. So I think your suggestion about the out going SMTP settings may be right.

I will leave this for now and tackle the problem when I get home if it still exists. 

Connection drops when in PPPOE but ok in Bridge mode

Hi. Im using a Dlink 2640b adsl modem+router. I am having this problem for some time. I put my connection on pppoe mode. The connection stays fine for an hour, maybe 2 or sometimes it remains for 5 hours. After than, the green light becomes solid and then goes off. I have to restart my modem to get my net back.

I tried switching to bridge mode and dial from my pc. The connection then doesnt break and is fine. But I dont want to dial. Does anyone know where the problem might lie ? I will flash a older firmware tonight, but i really need to know if anyone has a solution to this horrific problem. 

Before anyone blames my router, I used a Huawei modem before. It had the same problem. I gave that router to my bro in law, and he used it saying it was working fine. I even took out a new telephone line incase there was a problem with the line. MY net provider says there isnt any problem with the line. HELP !!!


Where are you located & which ISP?
You should not need PPoE nor Bridged for DSL, just a standard ethernet connection.
PPoE is configured on the router, not your computer.


Issues connecting to Hotmail; Volume Overlay not displaying.

how's it going? I've just had my computer cleaned with Broni, and everything seems to be a-okay. However, I'm having a few other non-malware related issues that seem to be plaguing me, and I cannot figure out how to fix them for the life of me... Broni recommended I come here for help! 

1. I cannot seem to load up on my laptop. I've tried it with FF and IE, with no dice. I can load it up and login perfectly fine on any other computer, but for some reason every time I try to go there on my laptop, it just times out... Any ideas?

2. Normally, when I press my Volume Up/Down keys, a semi-transparent overlay with a meter for the volume level appears, and it suddenly stopped working. I mean, the volume changes levels, it's just that the overlay no longer appears... Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!


Can you ping ?

Also check your hosts file in Windows directory for any redirection.


I can't ping Hotmail. When I try to, it times out with 100% packet loss. Also, how do I check out the hosts file? I've found two of them, strangely enough, one with 27 bytes and the other one with 824 bytes. But I have no clue what to do with them, or how to check them for redirects.

As for reinstalling my keyboard software... How would I go about that? I don't have the Win7 Installation disk with me, if that were needed, so how should I do this.

There should be only one hosts file in the following location :


Open it in Notepad & copy contents over here.

Alright, well, I located the single file there, and it only contained one line: localhost

I'm thinking that the second file I had located earlier must be related to something else, such as a game or something... But I do have an update. At my university, we have multiple wireless connections around campus, and in my dorm building, when I bypass the router and actually use an ethernet cable, I can connect to Hotmail and other places perfectly fine, as well as log into Steam. And then, when I connected to the wireless connection, my problems resumed, with the inability to connect to Hotmail.

That was yesterday.

Today, while connecting to the wireless connection in one of the other buildings on campus, I connected to Hotmail with no problems, and I logged into Steam as well... Perhaps for some reason my laptop is blocking certain ports for some reason when connecting to certain networks? I'm not an expert on this kind of stuff, so tell me what ya' think.


Its not your laptop but your wifi router/access point that is blocking sites. Talk to the person who is in charge of networking on the campus, only he would be able to help you out. 

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I tried logging back onto hotmail once I got back into my dorm, and I couldn't log onto those pages anymore wirelessly, so it must be an issue on their end... The only thing that confuses me is that my roommate has no issues whatsoever when going to those sites...  

New router to connect to existing DSL broadband connection

I'm attempting to set up wife's laptop to my existing [wired ] broadband connection.

Existing connection has iinet BELKIN modem/router & has been working for a couple of years.

Last month bought a wireless router. Netgear RT-N10

My son setup the wireless router as an 'access point' with an
access code [ or whatever you call it ] for security.

after some farting around, M$ knowledge base articles etc re wireless zero
connection, the laptop show's the following in "wireless network connection"
Ian's ASUS AUtomatic
security enabled wireless network (WPA2) 
security enabled wireless network (WPA) 

When i try to connect to "connect" to either network the connection doesn't work.

Any suggestions?

event viewers?
network utilities ?

Ian C

P.S. i've been playing with mainframe computers since 1963 
& pc's etc since 1970's- 1980's.
But thesedays mostly i leave the techo stuff to son Adam,
but he ( & Anita ) have three month old twins and get a bit busy<grin>


Linksys is probably a neighbors wifi.
When trying to connect to yours, you must enter the passphrase verbatim, case sensitive.


logged into router on wired pc. at

access code is definitely lower case [ as written down by Adam].

There are a couple of other parameters 
"Authentication Method" = WPA2-Personal

"WPA Encryption" = AES

"WPA Pre shared key" = [adam's lower case key]

"WEP Encryption" = none

"Key Index" = 2

"WEP Key 1" = [blank]

ditto 2,3,4 all blank 

"ASUS Passphrase" = [blank]


Maybe we have misread one of these keys.

On the laptop i did try to set [windows xp] 
TCP/IP values

& dns as [ dsl broadband modem]

Can I Add a Wireless Printer

I currently have my wireless laptop using the networked wireless printer connected to my desktop computer via USB. The desktop shows active wired and a wireless connections on my router's homepage. Question is can I add the printer to the wireless network used by the wireless desktop and disconnect USB. Reason is I want to move the printer to a location where using a USB cable isn't practical.

Hope what I'm asking makes some sense. Running W7 Ultimate.


If you have a wireless router and the printer also has a built in wireless print server, then yes, you can omit the USB connection. However, you will need to re-setup the printer on each computer.

Best to uninstall the printer from each computer first, then setup the printer's wifi so it connects to your wifi router, then install the printer on each comp.

Installing a printer that connects via the router is different for different operating systems. The printer likely came with a CD that will guide you through setting it up via the network.

What version of XP, Pro or Home?

Anyway, you'll need to setup File & Print Sharing using passwordsn and you'll have to use Computer Management to Add each user to both computers, then configure individual shares on both.

Read this comprehensive Microsoft DOC:

File and Printer Sharing with Microsoft Windows

networking XP-2K

2 PC (XP and 2K) connected thru LAN. XP is having one more wireless for internet. I could ping from both the PC, both are in same workgroup, no firewall. But when i search for the workgroup computer from network places, it can not find any computer. It used to work earlier. 

The networking icon do not appear as blue in 2K . It appears blue only when i ping.
It can not receive packet when idle, but it receivs packets when pinging from other computer.