DLL files

A DLL (dynamic link library) is a small program that is used for a specificpurpose by the main program that calls it. Windows programs like Word and Excelcall and use many DLL files.

Unlike most programs, that link and compile all the program elements they needbefore they begin executing, DLLs are only loaded and used as they are needed.This feature saves RAM space, which is a valuable resource. A DLL file usuallyhas a filetype of '.dll'.

For example, when Microsoft Word is editing a document, the printer DLL file isnot loaded into RAM. If the user decides to print the document, only then doesWord load the printer DLL file.

Don't ever erase a DLL file unless you are positive it isn't needed by your PC.Erasing an important DLL file can make your PC inoperative until the file isreplaced!

If you don't have a DLL you need, your operating system should displaywhich one(s) it can't find, In that case you may be able to find and downloadthem File.

Using the Format Painter

Copy and apply text formatting using the Format Painter in Word,Excel and PowerPoint

Located in the Standard toolbar, the Format Painter tool icon (looks like apaint brush) is used to copy the format of a selected object or text to otherobjects or text. 

In Word, for example, if you have text formatted in 10 pt, Arial, black, youcan easily transfer this text formatting to any other text in the document withFormat Painter. 

1) Select the text that has the formatting that you want to copy andtransfer.

2) Click the Format Painter icon. It becomes indented which verifies you'veselected it. 

3) With your cursor, which now has a paintbrush attached to it, select thetarget text you want to format. 

4) The target text immediately changes to match the format of the originaltext. As soon as you select the target text, the Format Painter icon becomesinactive.

Note: Tomake the Format Painter icon remain active so that you can continue formattingtext, repeat steps 1 - 3, except this time in step 2, double-click the icon.When you are done formatting you must click the icon again to deactivate it;otherwise you will continue reformatting any text you select. 

Using Autofit in Excel

Sometimes the text you enter in a cell is wider than the columnwidth setting and it spills over into the column(s) next to it. Autofit adjuststhe column width to match the width of the cell with the longest text. 

1) Select the column you want to adjust by placing your cursor over the columnheading and clicking your mouse. The entire column is selected. 

2) Select Format from the menu bar and a drop-down list appears. 

3) Select Column from this list and a menu opens. 

4) Select ‘Autofit Selection' and the column width changes to match the widthof the cell with the longest string of text. 

Using Fill in Excel

The Fill command enables you to copy the same text or formula inas many cells as you want with just a few simple steps. 

For example, copy the number 10 in column A of the first 100 rows of aspreadsheet:

1) Begin by entering 10 in the cell at row 1, column A. 

2) Put your mouse pointer over the cell, hold down the left mouse button anddrag it down the column to row 100. Release the button and all 100 cells incolumn A are selected. 

3) Click Edit on the menu bar and select Fill from the drop-down menu. 

4) Select Down from the list that appears and 10 is copied into each selectedrow of column A. 

Note: Thisworks across columns too, except that you would select a row in step 2 andchoose the Right instead of Down from the list in step four. 

Start your PC in Safe Mode

When there is problem starting your PC, sometimes Windowsautomatically enters ‘safe mode’. This causes Windows to use default settings:VGA monitor, no network, Microsoft mouse driver, and the minimum number devicedrivers required to start Windows. 

Why would you want to start your PC in safe mode? 

If you've ever tried to defragment your hard disk and it can’t complete, it isprobably because another program keeps accessing the disk. When this happens,an error message is displayed that says 'Some other program has interrupted thedefragment process and defragment is restarting'. This process continues in anendless loop and the defragment process never completes.

Using safe mode usually allows Defrag to complete. 

1) Shut down your PC 

2) Restart your PC and hold down the F5 key. Don’t release it until you get tothe screen in step three. 

3) Your display will show a screen where you have a number of choices. Choosesafe mode, which should be selection #3. 

4) Your PC will start and your desktop will appear very different. This isnormal for safe mode. 

5) Run defragment as you normally would. If you need details on defragmentin.

6) When defragment has finished, restart your PC normally. 

Outlook Express in Sort your Inbox by date

Sort Inbox bydate msg received 

With your Outlook Express inbox open: 

1) Look on the right side of the screen where all the messages arelisted. 

2) There are heading names listed above the messages like: From, To, Subject etc. 

3) Locate the column heading called 'Received' and click it. 

4) This will sort your messages by date received. 

5) If the oldest message is listed first, click Received again and the newestwill be listed first.